WP7: Integration of Novel Test Rigs & Methodologies

This work package has the objective of exploiting the novel test rigs and methodologies according to TAB and wave energy sector needs with the participation of different WEC technologies.

Work package objectives

  • Identification of critical load pathways to be tested by the dual hardware-in-the-loop test rig.
  • Selection of candidate WEC devices and subsystems to be tested using the IMPACT test rigs.
  • Definition of a testing campaign to demonstrate the DHIL functionalities, followed by a test campaign to measure the performance and survivability of key WEC subsystems, and accelerated tests to demonstrate their reliability.

Work package management

Joao Cruz, IMPACT work package 7 lead
WP7 lead: Joao Cruz

Y4C lead this work package.

The experience of SOCEAN in rig testing will support the entire testing phase, from the engagement of rig users to the test execution, data elaboration and reporting.

VGA will provide all the data needed for the WEC developers’ engagement and will practically execute the tests during the second task.

UCC will review tests results for the applications of metrics while SER will provide support during testing.

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