WP5: New Testing Methodologies & Metrics

The demonstration of survivability and reliability are at the core of WEC design and the success of a future wave energy industry. This work package aims to identify new testing methodologies and metrics that support the development of WECs. New rigorous testing approaches aim to ensure the survival of a WEC over the full range of design load cases (DLCs) and to demonstrate its reliability for the duration of its design life. The critical aim of this work package is to accelerate technology development and provide test-based inputs to key design drivers, leading to shorter development pathway to the market.

Work package objectives

  • Harmonize the rigs specifications, making them compliant with different testing approaches
  • Define a methodology for the accelerated testing WEC design situations to demonstrate the survivability and reliability of a WEC
  • Define metrics to demonstrate the survivability and reliability of a WEC and its key subsystems

Work package management

José Miguel Rodrigues, SINTEF Ocean
WP5 Lead: José Miguel Rodrigues, SINTEF Ocean

WP5 is led by SINTEF Ocean, in charge of overviewing the entire selection process and defining the metrics.

Yavin Four Consultants will harmonize the specifications and identify the novel methodologies. VGA will support in the checking the effective applicability of approaches, methodologies and metrics. SINTEF Energy Research and University College Cork will participate in the definition of metrics related to electrical, techno-economic and environmental aspects.

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