WP4: Techno-Economic & Environmental Impact Evaluation

This work package is dedicated to the definition of the techno-economic and environmental constraints driving wave energy devices design and testing. The WECs, subsystems and target sites identified in WP2 will drive the identification of critical aspects at device and array levels.

Work package objectives

UCC will analyze how each identified subsystem will impact the economics, life-cycle and environmental compatibility of the different WEC types. This evaluation will address specific tests and monitoring criteria the rigs should cover to demonstrate WEC subsystems compliancy with respect to the related requirements. Yavin Four Consultants will supply eventual additional data regarding the sites, WECs and their subsystems while VGA will check the applicability of both techno-economics and environmental specifications within each single rig.

Work package management

Jimmy Murphy
WP4 Lead: Jimmy Murphy, UCC/MaREI

WP4 is led by UCC with support from Yavin Four Consultants and VGA.

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