WP3: Grid Integration & Electrical Compliance

Power generated by a WEC device and delivered to the electric grid must fulfill quality requirements specified by a grid owner and collected in grid codes, which often differ for each country. It is essential that the parameters of the designed test rigs allow for representing the various conditions required by the country-specific grid codes.

Work package objectives

1) To define specification for electrical components of the two test rigs, based on:
a. Mechanical specifications defined in WP2
b. Relevant grid codes and trends in the grid connection requirements in relevant countries
c. Available budget

Paula Garcia Rosa, Sintef Energy
Acting WP3 Lead: Paula Garcia Rosa, SINTEF Energy

2) To develop simulation models for the electrical interface between PTO’s output and electrical grid for selected WEC types. Combined with models developed in WP2, they will form complete, generic wave-to-wire models of relevant WEC devices what will considerably increase the usability of the test rigs. VGA will support in the coupling of the PTO-grid model with the numerical models developed in WP2 and will check the specifications compatibility with respect to eventual constraints on test rigs electrical aspects.

Work package management

WP3 is led by SINTEF Energy Research with support from VGA.

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