WP2: Test Rigs Parameters & Mechanical Specifications

The definition of the test rig parameters and mechanical specifications is intrinsically linked with a detailed understanding of the loading environment that a WEC will be subject to during its lifetime. In addition, multiple load sources affect a WEC across a wide range of design situations (e.g. power production, parked, faults in normal operating conditions, etc.), and thus a coupled model that simultaneously accounts for all relevant load sources is key when designing both the WEC and its key-subsystems.

Work package objectives

  • Definition of a WEC database to characterise the parameters of different WEC types and modes of operation;
  • Selection of WEC target deployment sites and relevant environmental conditions, to characterize the range of environmental conditions WECs can be exposed to;
  • Creation of WEC numerical models for the selected WECs to simulate various WEC design situations;
  • Definition of the mechanical specifications for the test rigs needed to satisfy the combination of WEC types, target deployment sites and design situations considered.

Work package management

Mairead Atcheson Cruz, IMPACT Quality and Risk Manager
WP2 lead: Mairead Atcheson Cruz, IMPACT Quality and Risk Manager

WP2 is led by Y4C, in charge of characterising WEC design situations for a variety of WEC types and developing numerical models to assess the loading environment.

SER and UCC will provide support to ensure that the numerical models and data are developed in a format suitable for integration in WP3 and WP4. SOCEAN will overview the selection of test conditions while VGA will support in the choice of parameters and check the load envelopes compatibility with respect to eventual constraints of test rigs.

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