IMPACT’s Sixth Project Meeting Takes Place in Lisbon

IMPACT project members
From left to right: Jessica Scott (SINTEF Energy Research), Mairead Atcheson Cruz (Yavin Four Consultants), Giacomo Alessandri (VGA), Mitra Kami Delivand (UCC), Miguel Rodrigues (SINTEF Ocean), Lorenzo Birkmaier (VGA) and Joao Cruz (Yavin Four Consultants).

On 28 and 29 November 2023, the IMPACT project successfully held its sixth project meeting in Lisbon, Portugal.

The project meeting was hosted by Yavin Four Consultants (Y4C). Y4C have taken a leading role in both the concluded Test Rigs Parameters & Mechanical Specifications work package (WP2) and the ongoing Integration of Novel Test Rigs & Methodologies work package (WP7).

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As the project enters its final phases, only two technical work packages remain active: the DHIL Testing Platform Development work package (WP6), led by VGA, and WP7. During the meeting, updates on both work packages were presented by VGA and Y4C, respectively.

One of the key activities currently being untaken is the use of the IMPACT rig by Carnegie Clean Energy to test components for their CETO6 wave energy converter (WEC) belt as part of the EuropeWave Project. More details on this work will be presented during IMPACT’s joint webinar with fellow wave energy project VALID on 31 January 2024.

IMPACT and VALID answered the same Horizon 2020 call topic to develop new test rigs for accelerating this technology’s development. The webinar, Harnessing Ocean Power: Progressing with WEC Technology through Rig Testing, will present a case study from each project, to demonstrate how the technology being developed by IMPACT and VALID can contribute to advancing wave energy deployment.


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A big thank you to Y4C for hosting a fantastic consortium meeting!

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