IMPACT partners attend leading ocean energy conference OEE

Giacomo Alessandri, Miguel Rodrigues, Federico Gallorini
Giacomo Alessandri (VGA), José Miguel Rodrigues (SINTEF Ocean), Federico Gallorini (VGA) attend OEE2023.

On 25 and 26 October, representatives from two partners from the IMPACT project attended the Ocean Energy Europe 2023 (OEE2023) conference in the Hague, the Netherlands.

The OEE conference series takes place every year in a different country, and is a leading event for the ocean energy industry. Last year, the IMPACT project hosted a joint side event with sibling project VALID at the joint ICOE-OEE conference in San Sebastian, Spain.

Federico Gallorini and Giacomo Alessandri from VGA, and José Miguel Rodrigues from SINTEF Ocean, were present on both days.

While IMPACT was not formally presented at the conference, the project was mentioned during presentations by Carnegie Clean Energy. Carnegie was the first user of the IMPACT structural components rig for mechanical testing of the CETO6 wave energy converter (WEC) belt as part of the EuropeWave Project.

Federico Gallorini
Testing of Carnegie Clean Energy’s CETO6 WEC belt using the IMPACT rig
IMPACT test rig
The IMPACT test rig pictured under “EuropeWave CETO test & build”

“It was a pleasure to see how the ocean energy sector is gradually increasing the maturity of different technologies, with many projects spread throughout Europe,” said Giacomo. “It was an honour for the IMPACt consortium to be mentioned as an enabler for the development of key subsystems and components in the context of EuropeWave phase 2 and 3 programmes.”

“My participation in OEE 2023 underscored SINTEF’s continuous effort to contribute to the development of ocean energy worldwide through our broad research capability,” said Miguel. “It was clear the wave energy sector is still exploring the potential of various technologies, with radically different solutions and device re-designs requiring continuous research and development cycles being presented. Coincidently, the opportunity to meet up with VGA and see IMPACT’s structural rig shown as part of material testing for a WEC device was a definite plus.”

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