IMPACT at the International Coil Winding Exhibition and Conference (Coiltech)

Giacomo Alessandri
Giacomo Alessandri (VGA) presents IMPACT at Coiltech.

On 20 and 21 September, VGA represented IMPACT at the World Magnetic Conference, hosted within the International Coil Winding Exhibition and Conference (Coiltech), in Pordenone Italy. Coiltech is an international trade exhibition for the coil winding industry.

On 21 September, Giacomo Alessandri held a 20-minute presentation entitled “Wave energy converter powertrains: de-risking through lab testing”.

IMPACT as a project aims to de-risk wave energy converter development through the use of dual hardware-in-the-loop (DHIL) testing. This technique involves running tests on two different rigs simultaneously. The feedback data gathered from these tests is used to influence each round of tests. This approach enables a more holistic approach to WEC testing, as it addresses the interdependencies between the two systems.

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VGA also had a stand throughout the conference, where they showcased a small test rig for testing electrical machines. The approach used for this test rig is similar to that being taken to the development of the drivetrain test rig in IMPACT.

Giacomo stated that: “In order to reach technological maturity, powertrains for wave energy applications need to undertake a robust testing programme that is able to address reliability, power conversion, survivability as main key areas. Meeting industrial suppliers of different components within the power conversion chain helped us to go through their technical requirements, and identify the needs for demonstrating these technologies.”

Giacomo Alessandri and VGA
VGA’s stand at Coiltech.

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