IMPACT’s Third Work Package Submits Final Report

Today, the final report will be submitted for IMPACT’s Grid Integration & Electrical Compliance work package (WP3). This work package has been led by SINTEF Energy Research, with support from VGA and Yavin Four Consultants.

This work package supported the design of the IMPACT test rig(s) for wave energy converters (WECs) by focusing on aspects of the electrical subsystems. Its tasks included:

  1. Reviewing grid codes to identify performance requirements and possible compliance tests to be implemented by the rig(s),
  2. Creating a wave-to-wire model to simulate the transfer of power from the WECs to the grid,
  3. Providing recommendations for the general layout of the electrical design and specifications for the necessary electrical components.
Image illustrating an example of electrical topology for the IMPACT test rig.

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An interdisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds and expertise

Despite most of the activities being conducted amid COVID restrictions, the work progressed well and as expected.

“As this work package was part of the initial phase of the project, no tests at VGA facilities were scheduled, and we could easily adapt the work to our home offices and virtual meetings,” says SINTEF Energy’s Paula Garcia Rosa, who led task 3.2 of this work package.

“The activities were mainly conducted by SINTEF Energy Research, but we also had the opportunity to collaborate with Yavin Four Consultants during the development of the wave-to-wire model, and with VGA during the specification of electrical components. For me, this was an enriching experience, where we were working in an interdisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds and expertise,” Paula concludes.

What happens next

Results from this work package will mainly be used to support the choice of electrical components in the DHIL Testing Platform Development work package (WP6).

SINTEF Energy Research will continue to contribute to IMPACT by assisting in the New Testing Methodologies & Metrics (WP5) and Integration of Novel Test Rigs & Methodologies (WP7) work packages.

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