VGA Joins EERA Energy Storage Workshop

EERA event image

IMPACT project coordinator VGA were invited to join an EERA Energy Storage Event in November, 2021.

Titled ‘EU Clean Energy Transition: Perspectives and Challenges for Energy Storage,’ the workshop was jointly organised by StoRIES, Joint Programme for Energy Storage (EERA) and SUPEERA project.

The timely opportunity to bring together researchers, industry, end-users, policymakers and other stakeholders was an important event for the IMPACT project due to the exchange of views on key issues for the storage sector and discuss possible future scenarios of the energy system.

“We shared our experience in storage systems and we have also identified some synergies between this topic and the IMPACT project,” says VGA’s Giacomo Alessandri.

In particular, he points out the evaluation of storage size required by full-scale wave energy converters and the evaluation of battery performances real input power power profiles in the context of DHIL testing.

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